Stopped Drawing? Here is how to get back in to it!

Have you given up on drawing? In a world dominated by machines will this conundrum diminish or increase?There needs to be a resurgence of drawing. Not only is drawing an art form but a powerful learning tool. So switch off, put your phones away and join us this November for our Return to Drawing Course! 

'Return to Drawing’  is like no other drawing course in London. Everyone has experience of drawing – as a child. Yet we often give up. Open to anyone interested in drawing, this course will re-invigorate your hand and your eye. We  draw on a range of  influences – from performance to gestalt and observational drawing. We draw on surrealism as well, using some of their techniques for tapping the creative potential of the subconscious.

Led by artist John Phillips, this course will help you:

Discover your personal approach to drawing.
Broaden your understanding of the materials and activities engaged in drawing.
Become familiar with the application of drawing in printmaking.

Next available dates: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday13th,14th & 15th November


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