Boom or Bust?! Read this recent article: 'The Future of the Art Market' by Lucy Rose Sollitt

Image: Marshmallow Laser Feast, We Live in an Ocean of Air, 2018/19 Courtesy of Marshmallow Laser Feast

'The UK contemporary art market is more complex, unstable and fluid than ever before. This report examines the past and present influences that have forged the current position and considers the market’s future. It has a specific focus on the impact of trends on the mid and low segments: those which broadly fit the EU definition of ‘micro’ businesses (including sole traders) with a turnover of below £2m, and which are an essential feature of the market ecosystem as they provide a unique place for artists to grow, gain endorsement and exposure, and experiment. The report reflects on the major changes which are shaping today’s market and through the dynamics it identifies – especially shifts in business and distribution models – seeks to trace future trajectories...' 

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