How should you prepare yourself and your work for interview? -- Interview with Darren van der Merwe, our studio co-ordinator.

Darren van der Merwe, our studio co-ordinator advises on preparing for a post grad admission interview for fine art students. 

How should you prepare yourself and your work for interview? 

| Darren |

It's important to realise what interviewers are looking for in a Masters student. I think that it's 3 different things. Firstly they're looking at what your proposed project is and the work you are planning to make. Secondly, they're looking at who they might approach to be your supervisor, and whether they have appropriate staff. Thirdly, they are going to look for someone that they think will be a committed student - who will turn up, finish the course, won't be distracted. 

In the interview you're trying to convey your research project and trying to get interviewers interested in it. You should be talking about something that you're obviously interested in.

What are you impressed with in an interview?

| Darren |

Presentation is a big part of making an impression. There needs to be a focus in the work and also a narrative - how you're  presenting it, and people underestimate how important that it is.

The work itself needs to be well produced - a good product, not grubby, but executed well on a technical level. I also look for thought provoking work, with ideas that are informing it.

Showcasing yourself well is important, especially showing your portfolio  - edit it down -arrange things in the order in whIch you want to talk about them.  Don't fumble around. Don't include proofs of random drawings.  Show what you're proud of and work you want to take further.  


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