Join us at our studio for the Exhibition and Book Launch of Posters From Paddington Print Shop by John Philips on the 12th September! | 6.30pm-8.30pm |

London Print Studio & Four Corners Books invite you to an exhibition and book launch of Posters From Paddington Print Shop by John Philips

Exhibition Dates: 
12th - 28th September 

Admission is free.

This exhibition will open as follows:-

Thursday 12th             6.30pm - 8.30pm           Opening and book launch
Friday 13th                  10.30-5.30
Saturday 14th              10.30-5.00
Sunday 15th                12.00-5.00
Monday 17th               closed
Tuesday 18th              10.30-5.30
Wednesday 19th         10.30-5.30
Thursday 20th             10.30-5.30
Friday 21st                  10.30-5.30
Saturday 22nd            10.30-5.00
Sunday 23rd               12.00-5.00
Monday 24th               closed
Tuesday 25th              10.30-5.30
Wednesday 26th         10.30-5.30
Thursday 27th             10.30-5.30
Friday 28th                  10.30-5.30   (Exhibition closes) 

So what was Paddington Print Shop all about? 

In the mid-1970s, in a disused taxi-meter factory, a group of artists and designers opened Paddington Printshop. Specialising in making posters for local campaigns, it quickly became a model of community activism, crystallising a wide range of causes into brilliant and memorable images. Anyone could come in to request a poster (although ‘nothing sexist, racist or commercial please!’).

Focusing on housing rights, neighbourhood initiatives as well as gigs and festivals, this local community resource used vibrant images to make the voices of underrepresented groups heard in local, national and international campaigns. 100 posters (1974–1988) in this large format book form a remarkable collection: powerful and passionate, with messages that still resonate today!

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