Free Evening Talk - Drawing in Printmaking

Wednesday 10th April at 6.30pm

Darren van der Merwe, print studio co-coordinator and master printer at LPS, will present a talk on drawing within Fine Art printmaking. Looking at both the historical and contemporary use of printmaking, we will explore how different artists have made use of drawing within the four different ‘families’ of printing techniques – relief, intaglio, lithography and screenprinting.

In the talk we will consider aspects such as:

Characteristics of different printing techniques and the drawn ‘effects’ they produce

Different approaches to drawing using the same technique

How the your drawn ‘manner’ needs to be manipulated to make an image suitable for a particular process


Head 1946-1948 by Picasso

Phil (Fingerpaint), 2009 by Chuck Close

Rend I by Darren van der Merwe

Wednesday 10th April, 6.30 - 8pm


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