New Gallery Workshop - Demystifying Framing

Taking your prints to market - Demystifying Framing

This half-day workshop will be the first in a series of practical short courses designed to help artists take themselves and their work to market successfully. Courses to follow will include themes such as 'Documenting and photographing for reproduction', so watch this space!

The course is aimed towards professional artists and curators.

Participants will learn about different framing strategies for varied prints* (examples provided) and works on paper, mounting, frame and glass choices, working with framers, commercial and pricing considerations.

'The task of any discussion of frames and framing in the visual arts is first and foremost to counter the tendency of the frame to invisibility with respect to the artwork. We see the artwork, but we do not see the frame. This is true not only of artworks whose frames tend to understatement, as in modernism, but also those that employ the most assertive physical frames, as in the art of the baroque.'

From the introduction of 'The Rhetoric of the Frame: Essays on the Boundaries of the Artwork' by Paul Duro.

This course will be taught by John Phillips and Liorah Tchiprout.

Book for Wednesday 28th November here!


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