An Exhibition of Printmaking by Underway Studio

Exhibition runs from Thursday 7th June to Saturday 7th July

Underway Studio was established in 2014 by six graduates as a space to continue working & developing as young designers. Based in West London, they took their name from the Westway flyover under which they found their first home. Working accross screenprinting, linocut and digital  printing, the members of Underway studio use their Queen’s Park space to produce both their own individual work as well as making collaborative prints. The members of Underway are: Aiden Barefoot, Anna Schmidt, Caitlin Parks, Emily Westcar, Hazel Bryer  &  Melissa North.

With special thanks to Darren van der Merwe for his help in curating the show.

Open Tuesday to Saturday 10:30 to 17:30. Free Entry


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