Dora Maar at the Tate

Dora Maar developed her career as a photographer in 1920’s Paris. She was extremely close to many leading members of the surrealist movement - from Man Ray to Andre Breton. She set up a commercial studio in which she undertook top level fashion commissions, some of which reflected her interest in the surreal. As a surrealist, she exhibited her montage works in Paris and in London.   

She displayed some interest in street photography and explored the streets of London, Paris and Barcelona during the 1930’s recession. By 1936 - 7 she had established herself as a creative active in several genres, and was producing intriguing and accomplished montages. 

She met Picasso in 1935, initally collaborated with him on photograms and drawings, and under his influence, turned away from photography and towards painting until very late in her life.

This major exhibition provides a comprehensive view of Maar’s work - and after the end of her affair with Picasso, her withdrawal from public life until her revived interest in printmaking right at the end of her life. 

March 2020


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