Opportunity - Professional Development Residencies

londonprintstudio Professional Development Opportunity

Starts late March 2020

Applications are now open!

This is a free opportunity. 

We are looking for 3 people to join our 3 month long residency programme which starts from end March 2020, (by arrangement). Designed for people wanting to sustain a career in the visual arts, we are keen to receive proposals from artists wanting to develop their work. 

You should  either

identify a well defined project to develop during the 3 month residency


identify some specific skills that you want to develop during the residency

Artists should came from lower income / non professional backgrounds. They should have at least an A level or equivalent in art. We want to work with talented people who otherwise would be excluded from pursuing art careers. The residency must be completed 3 months from the start date, which is flexible.

What are the residencies for?

The residencies are designed to help artists develop and sustain an arts career. For example, the residency  professional support can be used to:

Develop work for a project

Put together a professional project proposal or funding proposal

Present yourself and your work more effectively

Develop new specialist skills

Explore new ways of working creatively

Residencies available for 3 months:

You can develop your work in any area relevant to londonprintstudio - from printmaking ( screenprinting, or relief printing and monotype, or intaglio - etching drypoint, photopolymer) to photography or drawing, with mentoring and  professional support and development, as agreed and in line with your proposal. There is a small budget to cover some studio materials as agreed with the studio. 

Participation in our flexible Professional Development programme including up to 6 hours one to one mentor support by arrangement.

People who might benefit:

People wanting to develop a career in the arts

Graduates in art and design

Recent school and college students, who studied art to A level are over 18 and are producing art work

Women returners to arts careers

New entrants to arts careers

BAME, LGBT+, candidates very welcome to apply

Older entrants to arts careers


You will be selected for interview on the basis of your proposal, your work, and your application form. The interview will involve a discussion of your proposal and portfolio, and a general discussion of your application.

To apply:

1. Fill in the application form & monitoring form (download below).

2. Plan and submit a proposal (a description of the work you want to do while at the studio, with an explanation). You should identify the skills and understanding that you hope to develop during the residency.

This can either be written - or  if you like you can make a video proposal in MP4 HP format - maximum time 3 minutes. If you decide to submit a video proposal, please also send us a written summary of your proposal in note form (less than 300 words).

3. Select up to 6 jpegs of your work (not huge files please), with titles, details of medium and an indication of size / scale.

Email everything to us with your attachments in standard formats so that we can open them without difficulty. If attachments are submitted in non standard formats, we hold the discretion not to consider the application.

Person specification: 

We are looking for people who meet the following specifications.

1. A degree or A-level in Art or Design - or equivalent

2. Have a portfolio of current art work which demonstrates potential 

3. Interest in drawing, print or photography specialisations

4. Can demonstrate that they are from a less affluent background / without family support or finance

5. Organised and self-motivated, with a commitment to a career in the arts, and a specific need to develop skills and understanding

6. Resourceful, flexible and eager to develop new skills

7. Enthusiastic and resilient   

Email your applications through here.

Closing date: 14th March.


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