Printmaking Courses

'Darren is an excellent tutor, he explained everything very clearly & in a lovely personable manner. I would definitively do a course with him again.'

We offer both Introductory and Intermediate Courses in Screen Printing. Also new one day course: Colour in Screen Printing. The Introduction to Screen Printing Courses explore the different techniques for developing screen print and our Intermediate Screen Printing Courses gives a more comprehensive understanding of the technique and procedure involved in screen printing. It focuses on professional workshop practice and editioning with multiple layers/colours.

'Excellnt teacher patient as a saint with us sweet beginners. Thank you!'

Intaglio Printmaking refers to a printing method in which the printing elements are all below the plate surface, having been cut, scratched, engraved, or etched into the plate to form ink-retaining grooves.

We offer Introductory and Intermediate Courses in different forms of Intaglio Printmaking including Etching & Photopolymer.

'Very well judged and delivered course. A huge amount of information and very generous with knowledge and experience, plus good hand-outs!  Thank you.'

At the turn of the nineteenth century a new printing process was developed using a limestone block as a printing surface. Lithography was the first printing process to truly capture and reproduce the expressive qualities of hand drawn images and rich tonal variety. Based on the principle that oil and water cannot mix, a drawing is made on the stone using greasy materials. During printing the stone is kept wet while the ink is applied so that the greasy ink only clings to the drawing.

'Great tutor. Jonathan was very patient and inspirational.  Very enjoyable and instructive day.'

We run introduction to woodcut and wood engraving courses with Jonathan Ashworth. These are two closely related methods of printmaking that produce beautiful textured surfaces and feelings of otherworldliness through the use of extremely fine and intricate marks.

Also under relief printing: Reduction Linocut two day course.

Monotyping is a type of printmaking made by drawing or painting on a   non-absorbent surface. The most painterly of printmaking techniques, monotype was used by artists like Degas, and it is possible to produce a varied edition with the technique. The course will cover basic monotype techniques, mark-marking and multi-layered prints.

'It was both a fun and informative course which I really enjoyed and the facility was excellent. Thank you.'

We offer Introductory Courses in Photopolymer for Vandercook Letterpress which focus on using photopolymer plates, on which digital artwork can be exposed and then printed using the Vandercook press.

londonprintstudio offers group workshops in all aspects of printing.  These workshops can be demonstrations for up to 20 people or participatory workshops for up to 12 people.

We offer personalised, one to one training in all processes and facilities available in our Print Studio. One to one training sessions can also be useful if you want to learn specific skills quickly, you want a higher level of support to produce your work, or you prefer to learn in a one-to-one environment, working at your own pace.


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