Experimental Etching Photocopy Transfer Course

1 Day Course : 10.30am - 5.30pm

There will be a lunch break from 1.30 -2.30.

Tea and coffee breaks will be provided.

This is a course suitable for printmakers with some experience of etching, who are willing to experiment with new processes and introduce photographic imagery into their work.

Participants will leave the course knowing how to apply the method of transferring photocopied imagery onto paper and etching plates and will have the chance to create and print their own images.

The first half of the course looks at transferring an image from a photocopy onto a sheet of printing paper. A series of prints will be pulled using this method.

The second half of the day will cover transferring an image onto a zinc plate and etching the image into the metal. Prints will also be pulled from the zinc plate in the afternoon.

Higher contrast images work particularly well with this process, however this is an experimental technique, which often involves some trial and error to resolve an image. Be ready to have fun with the technique and play!

(Participants should have some previous experience of etching).

Course contents:  
• Demonstration of the transfer process                                   
• Preparing photocopy image                                   
• Preparing plates and transfer of imagery to plate                                   
• Applying and washing off aquatint                                
• Inking up and printing plates

Please bring:          
• Up to 3 Images to work from (maximum size A5), your image must be suitable for photocopying, bearing in mind that your image will be a negative in the final print.    

Please wear suitable clothing, as you will be working with ink and other intaglio print materials. Aprons and all materials are provided.

Please arrive promptly for the course, as time is limited.

We look forward to seeing you.

Course tutor.

Ralph Overill.

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