Experimental Drypoint Course Information

1-day course 10.30am - 5.30pm

There will be a lunch break from 1.30 - 2.30pm

Tea and coffee breaks will be provided

The process of incising for drypoint creates a slightly raised ragged rough edge to the lines, known as the burr. When ink that has been applied to the plate is wiped off both the incised line and specifically the burr receive ink when the plate is wiped, giving the printed line a distinctive velvety look. Owing to the delicate nature of the burr, drypoint is usually made in small editions, stopping before the burr is crushed by the pressure of the intaglio press.

This course is an introduction to drypoint. It focuses on making plates on acetate, a simple and versatile adaptation of the traditional drypoint technique.

There is also the opportunity to try Chine-collé to enrich prints with some colour.

The course is suitable for participants of all levels and experience. As well as drypoint, it is a good way of exploring the general process and principles of printmaking.

During the day, participants will make two plates and two prints, and try Chine-collé with one of their prints.

What to bring:

Any image, drawing or photograph, preferably in black and white, maximum A5 size.

Please wear suitable clothing, as you will be working with ink and other intaglio print materials. 

Aprons and all materials are provided.

Please arrive promptly for the course, as time is limited.

We look forward to seeing you.
Course tutor.

Mario S Gonzalez


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