CV19 Studio Usage Policy / Guidance


CV19 Studio Usage Policy / Guidance

August 2020 Subject to alteration and updating

We are looking forward to welcoming you back and are resolved to make the studio a safe space

for our members and employees.

Please read all of the information below before booking and visiting. londonprintstudio reserves
the right to enact immediate change to the guidance below, as well as members’ access to the
studio, should circumstances or government guidelines change.

It is very important for everyone’s health that you do not come to the studio if you feel even
slightly under the weather, have a cold, are experiencing any symptoms of COVID 19 or anyone
in your household is unwell. More information about coronavirus symptoms can be found here .

We confirm that we have carried out a thorough risk assessment and have complied with the
government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19 for our staff and visitors. The team
have had extensive health and safety training to make sure that we are COVID secure across all
points of the business. Whilst you are at the studio, please ensure that you comply with
instructions at all times and please be patient as we move forward and learn how to adjust to this
new way of working.

Opening days and times have been changed. We will now be open on Wednesday, Thursday
and Friday only, starting on 19 August. There will be one session per day: 11am to 3pm .
Vouchers bought in advance can still be used. Session prices remain unchanged.

We are operating a booking only policy . Please do not visit the studio if you do not have a

If you would like to come in to collect work you will need to make arrangements ahead of time.
Please note that at present we will not allow pick ups until early September so that we can
get used to our new system.

Booking a session and ordering materials:

For bookings please contact Darren at No bookings will be
taken by phone until further notice. If you have not received an email confirmation of your booking
by 3pm the day before your desired session, please do not assume that you have successfully
booked a space in the studio. We will under no circumstances accommodate extra spaces in
the studio due to misunderstandings or assumptions.

We ask that you email a list of your required materials prior to your visit, by 2pm the day before
your session . Materials are only available on this pre-order basis so that we can prepare it in

We request that payments for sessions and materials are to be made on arrivals and by
contactless payment only . We will not be able to accept cash payments at present.

Arriving at the studio:

On arrival to the studio please note that you may need to stand in line outside the studio.

We will operate a one person at a time policy to avoid overcrowding the reception area so
please look out for and follow our ‘social distancing signage outside.

Until further notice, the shop area will remain closed , please do not browse until it reopens.
Although we are all looking forward to welcoming you back we have a no-contact policy at the

studio so please only virtual hugs for now as you enter.

All members (including employees) will have mandatory non-contact temperature checks on
arrival to the studio. We will also ask for a verbal confirmation that you do not have COVID
symptoms or have not been in contact with anyone who has.

Staff will be provided with PPE. We request that all visitors wear appropriate face covering when
visiting the studio. We will provide hand sanitiser at reception, make sure you sanitise your hands
upon arrival. We ask that you regularly sanitise or wash your hands during your visit. We will
provide hand sanitiser stations throughout the studio and we will also sign-post friendly reminders
throughout the studio.

You will be able to use the eating area (again, providing that you follow the guidelines) but the
kitchen will be closed to members so please note that you will need to bring your refreshments
ready to be consumed.

The toilets will be open but we will request that you sanitise your hands prior and after using

Rest assured that all areas of the studio will be sanitised on a regular basis.
Using the print studio:

Please note that before starting your first session we will request that you sign our updated Terms
and Conditions for studio usage.

The print studio layout has been changed to accommodate social distancing, please ensure you
follow the new instructions which will be clearly marked. You will see colourful floor markers to
help guide you around the print studio in a safe, socially distanced way. Please be aware, follow
the rules and let us know if you’re unsure of anything!

Each bookable studio space will be clearly marked with personal ‘work in’ zone so that you can
feel secure in your own space. This is also to ensure social distancing so please make sure that
you observe the markings.

We are running a zero contact service. Members are expected to be entirely independent
during the sessions. We are no longer able to offer inductions, 1:1 training or technical
assistance . Please only book for areas you are proficient in and able to work completely on your

You will be required to wear a suitable face covering or face shield while in the building. We
will make plastic face shields (see here ) available for purchase from the studio as an alternative
to wearing a mask in the print studio.

The studio will have the following 5 ‘work in’ zones available. Please work within your zone as
much as possible while in the print studio.

1 x Screenprinting small printing bed

1 x Screenprinting large printing bed

1 x Rochat Press / Etching 1 x Brand Press / Etching

1 x Beever press OR Stone lithography

Each work zone will have its own set of basic equipment (solvents, palette knives, squeegees
etc), disinfectant spray, paper toweling, hand sanitiser and disposable wipes. Please wipe down
surfaces and presses after use and leave all these items in your work zone at the end of
the session.

We have reduced the number of shared areas as much as possible and will mark them in yellow.
Yellow (shared) zones will only be occupied by one person at a time. Please give way to
other studio users and be considerate in your use of the shared spaces.

We will no longer be using any shared PPE or stationery in the studio.

●  Please bring your own apron , pencils, markers, etching needles etc.

●  Filtration/ respirator masks and chemically resistant gloves will still be required for the

screen washout room , a cid room and aquatint room (mask only) . We will have chemical
gauntlets and disposable respirator masks available for purchase at the studio.

NB!! The mask we will be selling (see here ) is ideal for screenprinting and the
aquatint room, but will only offer minimum protection for chemical fumes in the
acid room. Should you require higher levels of protection we can recommend
suitable half-mask options, which you will need to source yourself before your

●  Disposable nitrile gloves will still be available for purchase as usual

Your pre-ordered materials will be in your work zone when you arrive. No materials will be

handed out during the sessions.

LPS will not receive any deliveries of personal materials addressed to the studio. You must have
these delivered to your home address.


Should the studio no longer be suited to your needs and you would like a refund on unspent

membership or session vouchers, please email

We look forward to seeing you soon!
LPS Team


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