Print Studio


Our traditional print studio is fully-equipped, and purpose built. Printmaking techniques available are :

  • Screenprinting (Water-based inks, not suitable for textile printing)
  • Etching (Including Photo-etching)
  • Photopolymer
  • Block Printing (Woodcut, Lino etc)
  • Relief Printing (Collograph, Monoprint etc)
  • Stone Lithography
  • Letterpress (Photopolymer plates set to type height)
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Open Access

Open Access sessions in our fully-equipped, purpose built facilities can be booked by anyone with prior experience of the printmaking technique they would like to use; customers include professional artists, graphic designers, illustrators, postgraduate art students and researchers, as well as amateurs.

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We offer personalised, one to one training in all processes and facilities available in our Print Studio.

One to one training sessions can also be useful if you want to learn specific skills quickly, you want a higher level of support to produce your work, or you prefer to learn in a one-to-one environment, working at your own pace.

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londonprintstudio has editioned work with many leading artists over the years including Lucien Freud, Gary Hume, Fiona Banner, Therese Oulton, Adrian Wiszniewski, Victor Pasmore, Maggie Hambling, and Terry Frost.

Our expert coordinators can assist with your editioning or project work providing customised, tailor made project support from consultation to completion.

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londonprintstudio offers workshops in all aspects of printing.  These workshops can be demonstrations for up to 20 people or participatory workshops for up to 12 people.

Workshops can give a general overview of printmaking through a variety of processes or can be tailored to a specific medium, piece of equipment or project.

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londonprintstudio has designed a special residency programme in response to the demand from international and local artists, who come to London to use studio facilities as part of a working vacation.  These convenient and affordable packages facilitate intensive access to the studio and it’s resources and are discounted by 17% on our standard prices. 

Fully equipped, accessible facilities are yours to book over the course of 2, 3 or 4 weeks. 

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