What is londonprintstudio?

We are an artist-run, not-for-profit organisation that provides educational resources in the graphic arts for artists, community organizations, education institutions and the public.

londonprintstudio seeks to empower people and communities through practical engagement with the visual and graphic arts. Find out more

Online Prints & Gifts Shop

Our Shop has a wide selection of prints from both leading international artists and studio members, as well as a selection of handmade gifts and books.
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Large Format Digital Printing

Our Digital Studio provides professional digital services such as archival inkjet printing, scanning, photography, design and retouching at highly competitive prices.
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Open Access Print Studio

Our Print Studio is fully-equipped and purpose built, offering facilities for Screenprinting, Intaglio, Stone Lithography, Relief Printing and Letterpress.
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Printmaking Courses

Our courses are ideal either as an introduction to printmaking or for those who wish to gain more in-depth knowledge of printmaking and are taught by professional printmakers.
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Current Exhibition

GROSZ - On the threshold

George Grosz – The Big No – 15th May – 20th June 2015

George Grosz was one of the greatest satirical artists of the 20th century. A co-founder of the Berlin Dada group and revolutionary in the 1920s, he made hundreds of drawings depicting the vices and injustices of capitalist society during the Weimar era, many of them published in portfolios by the left wing publisher Malik Verlag. This exhibition presents a selection of images from two of the most powerful: 'Ecce Homo', 1923, and 'Hintergrund' ('Background'), 1928.
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Featured Artist

  • 'Leaning Pine, Summer Breeze'  No 1, in Blue Yellow & Green 35x73cm monotype with dry point etching
  • 'Pines Entwined, Summer Breeze no1' monotype & drypoint etching 35x73cm
  • 'Tall Pine, Summer Breeze' No 1 monotype & drypoint etching 35x73cm
  • 'Pines Entwined, Summer Breeze no1' monotype & drypoint etching 35x73cm

Featured Artist – Clare Grossman

My work predominately focuses on the search for a personal narrative, an essential energy – the ‘essence’ of a chosen subject or place encapsulated in an emotional response. Working often with a combination of techniques, a final piece may have …
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