Current Exhibitions

  • Printopia – How and Why Artists Reproduce

    Artists –from Warhol to Rembrandt – have been attracted to print as a medium.  Organised in London’s leading printmaking studio / gallery complex, this exhibition  provides a unique opportunity to explore behind the scenes. Discover how and why artists are …
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Upcoming Exhibitions


Print is Dead. Long Live Print

17th September - 3rd October 2015
Inspired by Ruth Jamieson’s book ‘Print is Dead. Long Live Print: The World’s Best Independent Magazines’, this exhibition will explore the continued survival and reinvention of printed media. “This paean to the printed word is filled with creativity and innovation …
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Past Exhibitions

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Margaret Ashman

Margaret Ashman makes photo etchings from photographs of dancers or sign language performance.  She usually works from her own photographs but sometimes collaborates with other artists. The Altered Histories series features a model, Susanna Harrington, dancing a westernised form of …
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Gallery Hire

londonprintstudio's gallery presents a wide range of exciting and innovative exhibitions of contemporary printmaking, graphic arts and related art practices. The exhibitions take place within a beautifully designed, bright and spacious gallery with 130 square metres of floor space. The gallery has sixteen linear metres of fixed hanging space with up to forty-five linear metres of additional hanging space on moveable panels. The gallery has been designed and equipped for the presentation of traditional and new media. It is a flexible environment, which can be adapted. Movable panels allow the gallery to be transformed for special events including performances, presentations, and screenings. Facilities include digital projection for video and computer presentations, with internet links.