Large Format Printing & Digital Services

Price List

Our prices are highly competitive, with archival inkjet printing starting at just £7.
We also offer special discounts to all registered studio members:
receive 15% off when printing costs are over £150
receive 15% off when printing quantities are between 11-20
receive 20% off when printing quantities are 20+

For a full price list, click find out more below:

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As well as archival inkjet printing, outputting artwork for print, scanning and photography, our Digital Studio offers the following services:

  • Image retouching and manipulation.
  • Artworking and design.
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Our highly qualified technicians can provide one to one training in:

  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, for all levels of expertise from beginners to masterclasses.
  • Preparing images for inkjet printing and traditional printmaking.
  • Retouching and manipulating images.
  • Layout, design and composition of images.

To book one to one training please email the Digital Studio directly at

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The Digital Studio is open Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday, 10.30am – 5.30pm.

For bookings, training and printing you can contact our digital studio by phone or email:


T: 020 8969 3247 (then press option 4)

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File Preparation

Images for large format print jobs should be saved as PSD, Tiff, or EPS files, in RGB Colour Mode. If you wish to print an Illustrator or Quark file, please speak with our staff for a free consultation before printing.

Pixel resolution of 300ppi (pixels per inch) is highly recommended. A larger resolution would not produce identifiably improved results, but would increase the file size. The minimum resolution recommended is 150ppi, however this will result in a lower quality printout.

It is recommended that images are scanned or converted to RGB colour modes. For optimum output quality, images should be scanned at a high resolution and reduced when you save the final image size.

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Our Digital Studio has the facilities for:

  • Fully archival, large format, inkjet printing.
  • Preparation and output of artwork for Screenprinting, Photo-Etching and Photopolymer (for Intaglio and Letterpress).
  • Professional, high resolution scanning up to 2440dpi.
  • Photography of artworks of any dimensions and mediums for websites, portfolios and print.
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