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Lucy Farley says “I have always approached printmaking as a painter, which is why I find freedom and enjoyment in the range of lithographic marks as well as sugarlift etching and monoprints on plastic. I like each print to have a hand finished and unique quality. I worked with plate lithography on grained zinc plates at RCA and it was only when I came back to  londonprintstudio (where I have been coming since 2006) that I enrolled on the stone litho two day workshop and really got hooked.

I have made every print for the RA  summer exhibition at  londonprintstudio since 2008 and one of the many benefits of working here is the ease with which you can cross from the etching area into litho and add woodblock etc. All the media merge naturally and every area of the studio works in harmony with the other, which Is important to inspire work which is out of your comfort zone. (I must add that since Kath has been here, printing in all these departments is a dream!)

So, in answer to your question, I will always be coming back to   londonprintstudiob- I searched for, and found a painting studio in close proximity for this very reason.

The  lithograph prints I am currently working on will actually be  a varied edition of 12 posters in six colours which will have letterpress as well and are for the exhibition I am working towards in June. Now that E-vites  are always sent out to advertise shows, I wanted to add something hand made to counterbalance all the social networking and advertising. The image is from a screenprint and paintings I have already made which were inspired by the 1927 silent film ‘Sunrise: A song for Two Humans’ by FW Murnau, and the dramatic shifts and jolts in a relationship between two humans and their incapability of fully knowing and predicting the behaviour of the other. I am interested in the instability of the human condition and what we are capable of, as well as the ‘Possession of Space’ both mentally and physically and the human need to re-claim our territory, whether it be against each other, in nature or in the virtual world.

The work from this series will be exhibited at the show ‘She Came to Stay’ taking place at the end of June and explores female artists from the past that have been overlooked (my reference is the painter Jean Cooke) and how they influence our practice today.

Before that, I will be showing at ART 15 at Kensington Olympia at the end of May, and one of the works will be a large monotype I made at London Print studio as part of a series of landscapes.

I currently have work on show in the exhibition’ INFERO’ at the LLOYDS CLUB London – nine small monotypes printed on the Rochat press.”

‘She Came to Stay’ will be at Rook and Raven, co-curated by Lucy and  Aretha Campbell. The cross generational show features work by Paula Rego DBE, Eileen Cooper RA, Marie Jacotey, Lucy Farley and Annie Kevans, and opens in late June.

Lucy Farley London Print Studio

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