News from the Director – January 2014


Most of my creative work tends to be on londonprintstudio group projects, and so it’s unusual for me to have a collection of my own work on show all in one space. It’s sometimes easy to forget that an important aspect of londonprintstudio’s ethos is that it is artist led, and not run by professional arts administrators. So I have been pleased to produce work for the latest exhibition in the gallery ‘Captive Light’, and to discuss it with various people who have taken an interest. I’d like to thank everyone who came to the talk earlier this month – and look forward to producing some more work when time permits. 

As you can see, we have started to produce studio cards which are on sale in the shop, and we hope to be working with some studio artists on other print and design projects that receive wider distribution. 

A short while ago, londonprintstudio contributed to Freestyle Magazine – (of which more comes later in Shop News). The magazine featured specially augmented reality images by Andrzej Krauze (from the ‘Cutting’ exhibition), together with a text about Andrzej – and about paper. We were very pleased to hear that Freestyle- which is created and edited by Jason MacGlade has won the ‘Descouvertes’ award at Maison et Objet, the pre-eminent design show in France. It’s a great accolade for a superb publication.

A number of people have come up with some very helpful suggestions about moving forward on the purchase of the building. I’d like to thank everyone who has contributed. We will be moving forward on this in the coming weeks, and getting back to you with details about what we’re doing next, and how you can help

Director, John Phillips

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