New Graduate Award Update – Lorna Scobie


New Graduate Award – The story so far!!

I am interested in exploring how printmaking can be used to give the appearance of textures. I’ve taken ‘dinosaurs’ as my theme and starting point for the project, scales, spines and feathers offer the perfect opportunity to experiment! Storytelling is always intertwined with my work, and so I am already starting to develop characters and potential storylines for my prints.

I’ve screenprinted and monoprinted onto GFSmith’s textured paper and achieved some really interesting results, which I definitely intend to explore further whilst undertaking the graduate award!

After completing the fantastic two-day stone lithography course I am eager to try using this process in combination with my existing knowledge of printmaking techniques.

To keep informed about Lorna’s progress on the Graduate Award and to see what she’s up to please have a look on her blog where she will be posting updates about her time here at londonprintstudio.

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