Layer on Layer

Layer on Layer

From the 4th – 8th July 2012, our Print Studio Technician Cover Ralph Overill will be exhibiting at the Crypt Gallery as part of Layer on Layer.

“Layer on Layer is an exhibition by a group of artists practising painting, printmaking and mixed media. Each artist has travelled their own path; a journey of challenges, experiments and exploration. Experiences are absorbed, ideas are developed, a gradual depositing of layer upon layer meaning and making. We welcome you to the cavernous corridors of the Crypt Gallery and encourage you to look beyond the surface.”

The exhibition features Isabel Albi, Janet Brooks, Jenny Bush, Clare Cammack, Sara Eustace, Thalma Goldman Cohen, Stephanie Herbert, Helga Lee, Ralph Overill, Claire Pinney, Kate Poland, Wendy Roberts, Julia Tester.

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