In the Digital Studio: Jacqueline Pruskin

photo 4

Digital Studio user Jacqueline Pruskin has been working closely with our Technician Constantina to explore the possibilities of printing a series of drawings, created using the Ipad application ‘Brushes 2‘.

Jacqueline is a West London based artist who most recently studied life drawing and painting at the Princes School at Kensington Palace, and drawing and sculpture classes at the Chelsea School of Art for many years prior. Now retired, Jacqueline spends her time creating images using her Ipad, choosing to work in this format as a portable, non messy medium. She is now working with the LPS Digital Studio to transfer her large collection of Ipad drawn images into high quality prints.

Constantina has found the project incredibly interesting and we are really intrigued to see the drawings printed. We are also delighted to hear that Jacqueline has been shortlisted for the V&A’s digital studio show next September.

Painting 45 copy Painting 47 copy photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 Painting 3 copy

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