Gallery Shop Update


In November we redesigned and upgraded our gallery shop, which is now working with the following objectives:

To attract visitors to the gallery and studio
To create an exciting curated sales space to maximise trading income
To improve print and art related sales in conjunction with website
To improve awareness of LPS as a credible, lively local Central West London brand
To improve interaction with street / passers by

LPS is in the process of upgrading and enhancing its sales areas – both online and in the gallery shop. The shop within the gallery is important to LPS; an attractive and carefully stocked shop attracts visitors in; people become acquainted with the work of LPS; people are attracted to the gallery, there is enhanced trading income, and so on.

In order to fulfill our objectives and to create an attractive shop, LPS staff have sought a careful mix of items for sale; and have been advised by design-led retailers on gallery shop stock, margins and pricing. Our shop will source and feature a range of attractive new items for sale relevant to LPS and its activities, and will maintain a changing range of stock at realistic prices. This applies to artist prints as much as it applies to greetings cards.

We’re already featuring work made in the studio, and we’d like to encourage people associated with the studio to produce small items for sale. Do make contact with us for advice if you are thinking of creating multiples and small objects that can be featured for sale at reasonable prices and margins. Space is limited, and we need a changing stock of reasonably priced and attractive items.

A factsheet on the shop for contributing artists and designers will be available in February.

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