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Over the last month, we have upgraded the shop, which now features a much larger stand for cards and small prints and a double display island. This means that we can show visitors a much larger selection of products, and vary the display more easily.

Our extended gallery shop has been open for just over a year, and it is thriving, with cards, prints, books, gifts and fun design objects. We now stock a lovely collection of cards, and an increasing number of studio artists have been producing cards in viable formats and at viable prices.  Sales are increasing.  

Artists and designers who have used the studio sometimes manage to scale up their production. For example, ex RCA creative group Garudio Studiage who produced the fun screen printed ‘Flat Pets‘ series have developed lines that have won design prizes for example, with their ‘You Are Here’brooch. Their humorous ‘Dogs of  London’ tea towel which was featured in the Guardian, has been a best  seller this year.  Through a studio introduction to distributors Turnaround, Garudio have found sale outlets all over the country. Naturally, we have their products, and new stock of ‘Dogs of London ‘  will be in the shop early in the New Year. 

We manage to feature the latest books and other design products in the shop by working with Turnaround who in turn take an interest in some studio artists and their work. We also  source products from artists and designers working in the Cockpit Studio complex, and from Good Empire.

To purchase any of Garudio Studiage items please click here

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