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Under one curator, 35 artists will hijack londonprintstudio, setting up occupation for a total of four weeks. The protest is simple – watch our noise, not your own.
In a world where information has reached saturation point, FMATR joins in the noise, figthing within itself and with the viewer. Curator Eve Lloyd Knight has created a visually arresting experience where each image competes to hold our already-distracted attention – before the next piece snatches it away again!

As part of the exhibition, filmmaker Umut Gunduz has created an original film that mashes the FMATR works and artist‘s signatures together, creating a cacophonous blend of city living, name staking and databending.

FMATR opens Thurs 26 February and runs through 21 March. All works are available to buy  here.

FMATR artists are:

Sara Andreasson, Oscar Bolton Green, Helena Bradbury, Laura Breiling, Marcus Butt, Leandro Castelao, Dale Crosby Close, Anna Dunn, Fabrizio Festa, Rachel Gale, Giulia Garbin, Alice Hartley, Clay Hickson, Doug Hindson, Peter Judson, Annu Kilpeläinen, Maggie Li, Eve Lloyd Knight, Sarah Mazzetti, Duncan McGonigle, Chie Chihiro, Jason Munro, Rob Pybus, Laurie Rollitt, Rachel Shasha, Joe Sparkes, Hattie Stewart, Supermundane, Jack Taylor, Jasmine Tenger, Stephanie Unger, Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk, Emmanuelle Walker, Lynnie Zulu.

You can watch an interview with Eve Lloyd Knight here

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