20:20 Project – Prints by LPS members

This summer are studio members got busy making some great work to take part  in this year’s 20:20 Print Exchange with Hot Bed Press and a range of other print studios. Here is a selection of work produced by our 20  members taking part: Farina Alam, Alice Valentina Biga, Mona Choo, Chud Clowes, Christina Crewes, Lauren Flynn, Asma Hashmi, Jennifer Jokhoo, Greg Meyers, Olivia Mills, Ricky Leaver,  Ralph Overill, Sumi Perera, Rennie Pilgrem, Georgio Salani, Ann Simberg, David Studwell, Chisato Tamabayashi, Katherine, Nadine Tropschuh, Van Uytrecht.

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