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Q8: Tell us your favourite websites/online resources for inspiration

‘Twitter is where I get a lot of inspiration – your Twitter friends will point you in the most incredible directions.’ Ellen Lindner, Mentor. obviously! Also is great. Usually I get reference images from books and old kids encyclopaedias though.’ Isabel Greenberg, Intern.

‘Twitter!,, , a host of illustrator/comic artists personal blogs that I follow on Google reader’ Frey Harrisson, Intern.

‘Well I don’t know about inspiration… but for awesome insight into, and reviews of comics there’s The Comics Journal- And to draw to… well, This American Life’is a really interesting radio programme, and their archive (which spans 16 years) is available to listen to free over at’ Abraham Christie, Intern.

‘Again too many, and I think it’s dangerous to spend too much time looking for inspiration online – there’s a worry you’ll just be no more than the sum of your influences.’ William Goldsmith, Intern.

‘ is a great forum for comic creators to find a sense of community and get some well considered feedback for their work. And is a fantastic source of inspiration, with dedicated blogs full of images to inspire you – from reference images of clothing from certain time periods, to features on animators art and techniques, and sketch blogs of artists so you can see how they develop their art.’ Jade Sarson, Intern.

‘Following blogs of artists you like can be inspiring, and you may get insights into their thoughts, processes and sketchbooks that you wouldn’t otherwise garner from their published work. I think that it always helps to hear how other artists work as there’s no one way of doing it. I find the Guardian website inspiring, for news and their The Week in Pictures /. The Week in Wildlife photo galleries (although probably any news website will do)…but I also tear interesting stories and pictures out of paper newspapers and magazines for inspiration – the internet isn’t the only resource for words and images, you know. Try the library too’ Lily-Rose Beardshaw, Intern.