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Q7: What are your favourite materials to draw with? Any pens/paints or digital equipment you love to use?

‘I’m a Photoshop addict. I feared and hated it for years before I actually tried it – it’s a huge boon to a cartoonist. I’m a devotee of Windsor and Newton sable brushes and Pelikan ink. There are brown paper sketchbooks that are sold in the art shops of colleges in the UK that I’ve had a hard time finding anywhere else – they’re great for drawing on the Tube or other forms of public transport, less chance anyone will see what you’re doing. You can go home later and use all kinds of paints, the paper stands up really well.’ Ellen Lindner, Mentor.

‘I use black Windsor Newton ink (the one with the spider on the bottle),a Wacom tablet and a light box. I like Seawhite heavy weight cartridge paper and Dr Ph Martin coloured inks.’ Isabel Greenberg, intern.

’0.2mm fine liners, colour digitally in Photoshop. I like scanning in textures and using them to layer up.’ Freya Harrisson, Intern.

‘Pens, Staedtler fineliners. Daler Rowney do a mean set of Ivory sketchbooks, with similar paper to the Moleskine range, just nicer to draw on. I work at A4/5, and like to carry my drawings with me, so the sketchbooks are perfect.’ Abraham Christine, Intern.

‘Just boring old brushes and inks I’m afraid. Also, I’m worryingly dependent on my lightbox.’ William Goldsmith, Intern.

‘I work digitally with a pen tablet, but I like to use digital brushes that look natural and add textures so that the work feels more tangible, and less computerised.’ Jade Sarson, Intern.

‘Pen and ink, because it’s fast and loose and free and it adds instant depth.. My pet medium is cloth – I like using stitches to create a line, and you can also create collage using fabric. Ink works well on cloth, too.’ Lily-Rose Beardshaw, Intern.