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Q15: Ellen Lindner and Jeremy Day- what advice do you have on getting into a comic anthology?

If you want to be in anthologies, or publish your own, getting to know what’s out there is a crucial first step. Some people take submissions… others don’t. Do your research. The following are just a few examples of books from the wide world of anthologies. And remember….if you don’t find the anthology for you…or if you don’t have luck getting in, DIY!

Non 4 – Twisted Sisters – RAW – Weirdo – Escape – Scheherazade – Sentence – Listen -

Kramer’s Ergot* – Sturgeon White Moss – Lapin – Meathaus – Hi-Horse – Stripburger* -

Girlfrenzy Annual – Drawn and Quarterly* – Blab!* – Hey! 4-Eyes! – Both – Actus Tragicus -

Hic Sunt Leones – McSweeny’s Issue 13

*still being published

Reading List of Anthologies Still in Print

Paper Science – Flight – Solipsistic Pop – Papercutter – Studygroup – You Ain’t

No Dancer – Birdsong – Static Revolver – Comix Reader – NOBROW – Activate – Best

American Comics – Syncopated

List of Anthologies That Take Submissions (to the best of my knowledge)

Whores of Mensa – Mome – SPX anthologies – Alternative Press anthologies (New Canterbury Tales, Publish You) – Comix Reader – Team Girl Comix – Candy or Medicine

2000AD – Girly Comic – Activate – World War 3 Illustrated

Special Mention:

Shelter and Play are both published by Trees and Hills ( a great local group of cartoonists all based in western Massachusetts. Who do you know locally? Some of the most fun I’ve had as an anthology editor is publishing talented friends who don’t identify as cartoonists.

Be brave – look locally – and, when in doubt, DIY.

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