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Q14: Ben Davies – What books would you recommend for aspiring screenwriters and storytellers?

McKee, R., Story, (Methuen, 2004.)

Joseph, C., Hero With A Thousand Faces, (Fontana Press, 1993.)

Ryan, J., Screenwriting From the Heart, (Billboard, 2000.)

Field, S., The Definitive Guide to Screenwriting,(Ebury Press, 2003.)

Dancyger, K. & J. Rush, Alternative  Screenwriting, (Focal Press, 1995.)

Rush Froug, W., Screenwriting Tricks of the Trade, (Silman James Press, 1992.)

Hauge, M., Writing Screenplays that Sell, (McGraw Hill, 1998.)

Seger, L., Creating Unforgettable Characters (Henry Holt, 1990.)

Aristotle, Poetics (trans. Hutton), (W.W. Norton, 1982.) pp pages 47-62.

Bordwell D. & K. Thompson, Film Art: An Introduction  (Knopf, 1986.)

Cameron, J., The Artist’s Way, (Souvenir Press, 1994.)

Seger, L.,, How to Make a Good Script Great (Dodd, 1987.)

Davis, R., Writing Dialogue for Scripts, (A&C Black, 1998.)

Parker, P., The Art and Science of Screenwriting, (Intellect, 1999.)

Recommended by Screenwriter Ben Davies.