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Q12: What’s the most important lesson you’ve learnt as an artist?

‘Practise, work hard, be humble and don’t burn bridges!’ Freya Harrisson, Intern.

‘The work has to stand for itself, and, is all quite useless in the end anyhow… so go make some comics.’ Abraham Christie, Intern.

‘Comics can tell more about you as a person than you realise… and so through letting people read your creations, they come to know you a little better. There’s no better fuel for your comic making fire than knowing you have friendly readers out there waiting for your next comic. Also breaks are important… they give you a chance to rest, and let your brain take in things other than comics that may inspire and inform what you make next.’ Jade Sarson, Intern.

‘An insecure artist may say they hate their own work as a way of protecting themselves, but this is bad form – you will never know what people truly think of your work if they think you need bolstering up, and then you will never get the honest feedback about the strengths/weaknesses of your work that you need both to improve and to see it’s true worth.

Work hard, keep going, and enjoy it – remember why you wanted to create in the first place. If you’re not having fun with it, you’re the artist and you can change it so that it is fun. Even when you’re doing a commission and the rules are set by somebody else, you can find a creative way of doing it your way.’ Lily-Rose Beardshaw, Intern.