Tips and Tricks

Here are 15 questions any aspiring comic artist would want to know the answer to, with tips and tricks from our interns and mentors.


Q1: How did you get started with creating comics? What advice would you have for a novice?

Q2: How do you come up with story ideas?

Q3: Do you ever get a creative block? How do you combat it?

Q4: What is the most inspiring book/film/comic you’ve seen or read?

Q5: What’s the most valuable lesson you learnt during your internship?

Q6: Any tips on running workshops?

Q7: What are your favourite materials to draw with? Any pens/paints or digital equipment you love to use?

Q8: Tell us your favourite websites/online resources for inspiration

Q9: I hate showing people my work… any advice for coping with the fear?

Q10: Do you have any nifty suggestions or tricks for creating striking images?

Q11: How do I make a name for myself in comics?

Q12: What’s the most important lesson you’ve learnt as an artist?

Q13: Emma Hayley- What tips do you have for pitching your ideas to publishers?

Q14: Ben Davies – What books would you recommend for aspiring screenwriters and storytellers?

Q15: Ellen Lindner and Jeremy Day- what advice do you have on getting into a comic anthology?

Q16: Jane Goodsir – Is it possible to earn a reasonable living working exclusively in comics and the visual arts?