Many people have helped make this project a success; all the staff at londonprintstudio, 11 interns, 117 young people and over 15 mentors. Here are some of their biographies.
Karrie Fransman

Youth Art Coordinator
had her autobiographical comic strips published in The Guardian and her comic serial ‘The Night I Lost My Love’ in The Times. Her graphic novel, ‘The House That Groaned’, is published by Random House’s Square Peg and have received praise from film director Nicolas Roeg, was no.1 seller at Foyles in January and was chosen as Graphic Novel of the Month in The Observer. She has talked about her work at Saint Martins, London College of Communication, The University of Birkbeck, the Institute of Contemporary Arts and for The British Council and exhibited her work in London, Belgium and Moscow. She was Youth Arts Coordinator at londonprintstudio.

Freya Harrisson

Intern, 2010
is a comic creator who graduated from London College of Communication in 2008. She won first place in the Design4Science Illustration Award in 2007 and has produced illustrations for Time Out, Google, Macmillan, Camden Crawl and Dublin Crawl and had a solo exhibition at the Old Sweet Shop Gallery. She has illustrated for and published two activity books for Smiths and has run several workshop forThe Big Draw. Freya’s work combines her life long passion for music with comics.

Isabel Greenberg

Intern, 2010
is an illustrator from London. Since graduating from the University of Brighton with a degree in Illustration, she has published a comic in Nobrow Press’s ‘A Graphic Cosmology’. Isabel Greenberg won the Observer/Cape prize 2011 and international contracts with publisher Jonathan Cape (UK), Little Brown (US) Doubleday (Canada) for the graphic novel she worked on during her internship at londonprintstudio: The Encyclopedia Of Early Earth.

Joe Kelly

Intern, 2010
is a comic creator with a passion for stories based on real life. He graduated from Leeds College of Art and Design in 2009 and has since created flyers, posters, storyboards and t-shirt designs. His style is influenced by 70′s and 80′s comics and he is working on his graphic novel: Gen Dit (Royal Marine’s slang for ‘true story’). He ran youth arts workshops for House of Illustration and worked as a visiting artist in a young offenders programme, and is currently working part time in design and marketing at a Youth Arts organisation in Hackney with plans to become involved in new arts projects at the venue in 2012.

Rachel Emily Taylor

Intern, 2010
At an early age, Rachel Emily Taylor was passionate about drawing, especially with her mother’s best Chanel lipstick. She is a narrative artist, working in a variety of mediums from 3D sculpture to film. Having graduated from London College of Communication she is now is now completing a MA at Royal College Art . She was invited to Belgium to take part in an experimental comic exhibition at Strip Turnhout sponsored by the British Council. She still runs art workshops with teenagers, and recently worked at the V & A’s Creative Quarter event. Her work reveals a fascination of myth and folklore through subverted storytelling.

William Goldsmith

Intern, 2010
is an Edinburgh-based illustrator whose work has appeared in Art Review, Varoom Magazine and Anorak. He has exhibited at D&AD New Blood, Museum of London Docklands and at the Goethe Institute in Moscow. His debut graphic novel ‘Vingetts of Yustov’ (Jonathan Cape) received rave reviews in The Guardian, The Times, Time Out and Metro and was the only graphic novel to be nominated for the Newton First Book Award at the Edinburgh International Festival 2011.

Abraham Christie

Intern, 2011
is a comics creator whose practice explores daily life and inner turmoil, often using the guise of superheroes. Abraham emerged from Central Saint Martins School of Art in 2010 with a degree in Fine Art. Since then he has concentrated on writing/drawing comics, primarily his daily strip ‘Doodle Daydream’ and his zine ‘Nervous in a Cape’, which was included in the reading room of Tate Britain’s Rude Britannia exhibition.

Jade Sarson

Intern, 2011
fuses tea-loving British roots with emotive Japanese influences, and combines traditional techniques with digital. She graduated in 2011 from the University of Lincoln with a first class honours degree in Illustration, and recently won 3rd place in this year’s Manga Jiman competition. She is currently juggling working on her webcomic ‘Cafe Suada’ and her graphic novel ‘Siddown!’.

Lily-Rose Beardshaw

Intern, 2011
enjoys experimenting with creating comics using stitch, collage, paint and inks. A recent Illustration graduate from the University of Gloucestershire, you can find her comics and illustrations in the Inspired Comics Sci-fi anthology ‘Science Fiction Octuple Feature’, ‘What’s The Time Mrs. Woolf?’ zine and ‘OLIO: The Cheltenham Journal of Illustration Vol. 6’.

Merlin Evans

Intern, 2011
is an illustrator and writer, partial to adapting hefty literary classics into lively, hand-drawn comics. She was awarded Emerging Talent runner-up for Cheltenham Illustration Awards 2011 by Shaun Tan and published in ‘Images 35: Best of British Contemporary Illustration’ annual. Previous clients include John Lewis, The British Library and House of Illustration. She is currently etching a graphic novel featuring historical love letters.

Shamisa Debroey

Intern, 2011
recently graduated from the infamous Sint Lukas Brussels under the supervision of Johan Stuyck, head of publishing house Oogachtend. She received an MA in Comics and finished top of her class. Mentored by Randall C., she worked on her first graphic novel ‘The Wanderer’, merging the autobiographical with her lively imagination. ‘The Wanderer’ is to be published by Oog & Blik in 2012 in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Susan Yan Mach

Intern, 2011
believes that comics can communicate universally, across cultures. Drawing on her Chinese and British background, her comics explore mythology and folklore. Having studied Illustration at London College of Communication, she uses her graphic style to retell surreal old wives tales. A finalist for the Taiwan International Student Design Awards, she also has exhibited her work in Marine Studios, Margate, and Japan Matsuri Festival, London.

Joseph Chukwuma

Workshop Attendee 
is a student at Elliott Sixth Form, where he studies art and design. He has liked comics from an young age, but is more interested in manga and anime. His drawing is inspired by the animations Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece.


Andrea Da Silva Amorim

Workshop Attendee 
is a Portuguese artist. Whilst living in Luxembourg she worked with graphic designer Kamen Povov and participated in several exhibitions at Galerie Editions 88. She is currently studying at London College of Communication.


Evelyn Hewett

Workshop Attendee
is an art student by day and a crazy comic lady by night. She’s currently drawing and writing an online web comic called ‘Fruit Machine’, a story about a young man with no control over his own heart, or his ego. It’s both a massively rewarding project and just a little eccentric. Any comic artist knows the feeling of meeting a new character for the first time. Well, the couple in this comic were two of the more polite ones.

Amanda Elanor Tribble

Workshop Attendee
Amanda’s work is an exploration of the idea that two people who live very similar lives on the surface can have this drastically changed in the blink of a second, and that we have no real control over our fate. There is no dialogue, allowing the readers to project their own impressions of the characters upon the experience, highlighting our ability to sympathise with anything we find familiar.

Olivia Rose

Workshop Attendee
is currently studying animation and illustration at Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge. She mixes manga-style artwork with modern western influences, using a number of materials to create illustrations, including watercolours, Indian ink, markers, paint and Photoshop. She has recently been featured in Murky Depths, and the magazines Kismet, Meuse and Stylenoir.

Taymah Anderson

Workshop Attendee
is a Fine Art student who happens to want to become a comic artist. He had a hand in both londonprintstudio anthologies He was planning to conquer the world, but was beaten to it by his evil sentient shrub plant Jeremy. He is interested in the suppressed side of our humanity, and why we do what we do. The side that might scare the bejeezus out your grandmother. He wishes to be an illustrator – and beyond that, wishes to start his own illustration firm – and beyond that, he wants to eat cake.

Yasser Boukaddour

Workshop Attendee
is a 17-year-old student of Art and Design at Quintin Kynaston. He has a love for manga and anime which is intertwined with part of his artistic practice. He aims to become a games designer/developer and hopes to study Games Technology at university. His favourite comic artist is Akira Toriyama, for his unique drawing style and plots.


Stefan Alexander

Workshop Attendee
went to the specialist school Springhallow before studying Art, Design and Interactive Media at Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College. There he was nominated for the Ceremony Award in 2011. He was also nominated for the Descendants Award in 2009 at Greenford High School. Stefan enjoys dancing, swimming, and does voluntary work on Saturdays. He is a keen artist, who gives play to his imagination through drawing.

Craig Fitzgerald

Workshop Attendee
enjoys making rough sketches and thumbnails, only occasionally taking on big projects. He is constantly drawing; character designs, sights from his commute to university and doodles. Rather then generating original ideas, he has a talent for visualising and giving form to those of others. He produced the majority of the visual design and set the animation standard for a flash-based game at university