Welcome to our londonprintstudio Comics Resource Website. Here you will find workshop plans, tips and tricks from comic artists and comic blogs with illustrated information on everything from art-education to storytelling. This resource site is the culmination of an 18-month londonprintstudio comic youth project generously funded by John Lyon’s Charity.

The project is part of londonprintstudio’s Bring into Being internship programme which aims to develop the skills of young artists. At the core of this programme was two six-month internships for a total of eleven 21-25 year olds. londonprintstudio recognised the need for internships that actually benefit young people, rather than improving their tea-making skills. We wanted to create a programme that supported, mentored and encouraged young people to take ownership of a project. The interns from the 2010 group were: Rachel Emily Taylor, William Goldsmith, Isabel Greenberg, Freya Harrison and Joe Kelly, and the interns from the 2011 group were Susan Yan Mach, Abraham Christie, Jade Sarson, Merlin Evans, Lily-Rose Beardshaw and Shamisa Debroey.

The interns received professional training and mentoring from londonprintstudio staff, leading comic artists, publishers, art-educators and screenwriters. They visited European comic festivals, exhibitions and galleries and then passed their knowledge on to over a hundred 16-20 year olds through a series of comic workshops from ‘autobiographical comics’ to ‘medieval comics’.

Each group created an anthology and exhibition an containing their own work and the work of mentors and younger workshop participants. The first group produced Imagined Cities, a 64 page comic with a foreword from acclaimed artist Posy Simmonds. The second group produced Parallel Lives’  with a foreword from renowned artist Dave Mckean.

We hope this comic resource website shares some of the fantastic knowledge we’ve accumulated over the past 18 months and is used by budding artists, teachers, art-educators and comic lovers world-wide.