Wembley to Soweto and Back


In July and August, during the Olympic Games, some of the world’s best photographers will be locked up behind closed gates focusing on a small group of sweaty competitors in Lycra. With the professionals distracted, London, outside the ‘Village’, will offer fantastic opportunities to capture iconic images that will define this ‘historic moment’.

londonprintstudio is partnering with Wilton Pictures (http://wiltonpictures.com/)  and Paddington Arts (http://paddingtonarts.org.uk/) to offer a fantastic opportunity to enthusiastic young photographers, aged 18 – 25, based in West London, who are keen to take images of London during the 2012 Olympics, as well as develop their careers as photojournalists.”

This project will run from 25th July to 18th August. Eight trainees will be supported by a team of professionals, headed by international photojournalist John Cole http://folio.johncole.co.uk The project entitled From Wembley to Soweto and Back is the London continuation of Wembley to Soweto, in which John Cole trained a group of young South Africans to photograph events in their communities during the World Cup 2010.

Their work, which gained international recognition, will be exhibited at londonprintstudio from 21st June – 11th August and the work from this London project will be exhibited from 23rd August – 9th September.

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