London Calling – Tehran

damn them

There is a thriving and sophisticated underground art scene in Tehran that is both socially critical and engaged in cutting edge contemporary art.

londonprintstudio is developing a two way communication with these artists and is currently preparing a portfolio of London based artists to show in Tehran this June.  We are using digital works (A3, if still image, or short videos/animations)  – these ship more easily across borders.

The following artists are included in the project:

Faisal AbduAllah, Emma Charles, Adam Dant, Godfried Donkor, David Ferry, Satch Hoyt, Tam Joseph, Roshini Kempadoo, Taus Makhcheva, Julia McKenzie, Mythili, Eileen Perrier, John Phillips, Jamie Reid (pictured), Susan Stockwell, Joe Strummer, Stella Whalley



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