What Ho! Andrzej Klimowski’s illustrations for P.G. Wodehouse

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Andrzej Klimowski’s illustrations for P.G. Wodehouse

Exhibition runs from  8th September – 12th November 2016

Andrzej Klimowski’s light hearted linocuts and installation celebrate the work of legendary period comic writer P.G. Wodehouse. Klimowski is one of the leading illustrators and designers of his generation. His graphic novels, book designs and theatre posters have been widely admired internationally. In a departure from his usual noirish style, Klimowski has designed a uniquely English period environment for this exhibition – an England that probably never truly existed, but which we fondly remember. Klimowski’s designs feature Jeeves, Bertie Wooster, Lord Emsworth, bossy aunts, sporty girls and other characters.

The exhibition features linocuts, installations and hand made props. There are also prints, many of which are for sale. Klimowski’s designs – originally for the Everyman Wodehouse series – illustrate all 95 books written by Wodehouse during his lifetime. Klimowski’s designs for the series were acclaimed in both the U.K. and U.S.

Andrzej Klimowski, who was born to Polish parents in London, retains strong links with Poland, where he lived and worked for some years. During his career he has made films and written graphic novels. He has designed theatre posters and book covers for leading publishers. He was head of Illustration at the Royal College of Art for many years, and is now Professor Emeritus. He continues to produce graphic novels with his wife Danusia Schejbal, and works in graphics and produces illustrations. He also makes films. His work has been the subject of a retrospective at the National Theatre, London.

‘A few words about Klimowski? Impossible. You can’t capture an imagination such as his in a sentence or two. He is a free man and you’ll never catch him. He looks at things head-on but at the same time inside out and upside down, round the corner and through a shattered keyhole. His eye is a microscope, a magnifying glass, a two-way mirror and a crystal ball. He leads the field by a very long furlong, out on his own, making his own weather. He is Klimowski, unafraid.’ Harold Pinter

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‘Without Wodehouse I am not sure that I would be a tenth of what I am today – whatever that may be. In my teenage years, his writings awoke me to the possibilities of language. His rhythms, tropes, tricks and mannerisms are deep within me. But more than that, he taught me something about good nature. It is enough to be benign, to be gentle, to be funny, to be kind.’ Stephen Fry on Wodehouse


P.G. Wodehouse (1881-1975) spent much of his life in Southampton, New York, but was born in England and educated in Surrey. His roots were in England and his youth had been spent there: prep schools, Dulwich College, a spell in a bank, and years of freelancing as a journalist, novelist, short-story writer, lyricist, and playwright. He gained his dual citizenship in 1955 and lived more years of his life in America than he did in England. In a literary career spanning more than seventy years, he wrote more than ninety books, twenty film scripts, and collaborated on more than thirty plays and musical comedies. An expert humorist and a master of light verse, Sir Pelham Wodehouse died of a heart attack on St. Valentine’s Day 1975 at the age of ninety-three.

A message from Overlook Press publisher Peter Mayer, on  The Collector’s Wodehouse Series

‘Wodehouse was that perfect Anglo-American: his subject was nearly always England, but he became an American and lived on Long Island. The Collector’s Wodehouse series is itself a wonderful amalgam of British and American, conceived by David Campbell at Everyman’s Library in London.

Wodehouse will always be part of our most joyous reading experiences. The Collector’s Wodehouse, when complete, will be the first complete hardback series of Wodehouse’s works by any one publisher. In every case, the editor has gone back to the first edition of each book and corrected errors that crept into the innumerable paperback editions. Each book has been re-typeset using that classic English typeface, Caslon…..Andrzej Klimowski is the perfect illustrator for Wodehouse and both David Campbell and I are certain that no other Wodehouse collection will surpass or outlive this one.

Translated into more than thirty languages, even collected, we are told, by a Russian monk living in a hermit’s cell on Mount Athos, PGW and his stories are miracles in which we all share.’

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