That’s Novel

From searing memoirs to global manga, from the Tower of Babel to The Walking Dead, discover the latest, greatest and up-to-datest in comics by leading international innovators and the British cutting edge.

The future is graphic.  With their continuing acclaim from the worlds of literature, art, cinema and beyond, graphic novels have proved that they are not some passing fad, mere ‘graphic novelties’, but can be truly innovative, interactive storytelling experiences through sequential art, with or without additional words.  While more and more are being adapted successfully to the big and small screen and attracting fresh audiences, from Scott Pilgrim to The Walking Dead, graphic novels are so much more than ‘movies on paper’ or thinly-disguised, storyboard-style pitches for stereotypical blockbusters.

Graphic novels, and their related forms of manga from Japan, bandes dessinées from France and Belgium and others elsewhere, are liberating the comics medium from the confines of safe conformity, well-worn genres, corporate properties long past their sell-by date, and lack of space and ambition.  Now at last it’s possible to realise the full potential of comics through fascinatingly diverse, complex, often provocative narratives, for adults and for all ages.

That’s Novel: Lifting Comics From The Page surveys some of today’s transnational innovators in the comics medium with a special emphasis on the British-based cutting edge. Through their original and digital artworks, their printed books and their specially-conceived projects both on and off the page in this exhibition, they give visitors the chance to discover where they are taking comics next on and off the page.

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