Prints I’ve Made…Desi Stylee

londonprintstudio is excited to be presenting a vibrant collection of

‘prints I’ve made… desi stylee’ by artist chila burman

The exhibition brings together a sumptuous visual sensation of works which explore the experiences and aesthetics of Asian femininity. Since the mid 80s Chila has made paintings, installations, photography, video and film as well as many print works, many of which were created here at londonprintstudio.

The exhibition includes Chila’s traditional and digital printmaking, as well as some of her collages and video works and brand new commissioned pieces, incorporating everything from ice-cream cones to comic books; bhindhis to bras. Exploring issues of gender and race through the aesthetics of collecting accessories, lingerie, flowers, hair- pieces, jewellery and make up allow Chila to play with the formal properties of her chosen materials, working with repetition and patterns as well as with their allusions to the hyper-feminine, the sexual and the everyday.

Taking the concepts of arte povera and recycled materials one feminist step further, Chila uses as her ‘worthless’ materials, the pretty ‘girly’ detritus that many would consider cheap kitsch and unworthy of serious contemplation.

Much of Chila’s work emerges from a tradition of graphic political satire, generated from an adversarial position within the gender and identity politics of a post-colonial, class oriented, and visually saturated contemporary Britain. By dwelling on the poetics of visual composition and arrangement – dealing with the complexities of framing, layering and assemblage – an alternative and distinctive formal relationship has emerged in the work. In a maturing of sensibilities shaped through an ongoing engagement with art practice, her current interests invite and engage viewers to experience a new dynamic and intimacy of looking.

Born and brought up in Liverpool by her family and ice-cream man father, Chila now lives and works in London. She was nominated for Asian Woman of the Year Award 2004, Lloyds TSB Asian Jewel Award 2005 and is a graduate of the Slade. Her work has been shown extensively both in the UK and internationally and is in private and public collections worldwide.

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