Okuthindila: Contemporary Printmaking from Namibia

Okuthindila means to press or print in Ondonga, the language of the Owambo people, who form a large section of the Namibian population. Printmaking has a strong tradition in Namibia and londonprintstudio and the National Gallery of Namibia are pleased to present an exhibition showcasing ten young Namibian printmakers as part of the Africa 2005 celebrations.

Jointly selected and curated by londonprintstudio and the National Gallery of Namibia, ‘Okuthindila’ includes a variety of different print media. One of the most common types of Namibian print is made from a cardboard matrix, which allows a freedom of expression and detail within a low-cost recycled material. The works are bold, energetic and sensual and speak unashamedly of social causes and relationships.

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