Enchanted Page – Friends


Enchanted Page – Friends

Exhibition runs from 28th January 2016 – 2nd April 2016

Admission free

Enchanted Page – Friends will be an interactive show for children. It features illustrations and cut outs  from the latest children’s books with an exciting display where children and adults can read, draw, and tell stories.  An  installation for children, the show is a specially constructed environment featuring enchanting images and characters that illustrate the theme of friendship.

Curated and designed by John Phillips and Nadia Yahiaoui at londonprintstudio, the show is inspired by beautiful book illustrations from a selection of acclaimed  artists.  The exhibition is suitable for all children up to the age of 11, and for anyone interested in contemporary illustration. 

The show will feature work by the following Illustrators:
Beatrice AlemagnaLesley BarnesDavid BarrowCoralie Bickford-Smith, Rob Biddulph, Serge Bloch, Max Dalton (with Peter Ackerman), Jo Empson, Nicholas John FrithChris HaughtonEmily Rand

Beatrice Alemagna

Born in Bologna, Italy, in 1973, as a child Beatrice’s biggest heroes were Pippi Longstocking, Marcovaldo, Karlsson on the roof, Silvester and Meffi. At eight she decided that, whatever the cost, once grown up she would become a “painter and writer of novels”.

Lesley Barnes

Lesley is an animator/illustrator from Scotland who likes polishing brass buttons and wearing the occasional old lady hat. She has created an impressive portfolio of work, including an advert for the economist , imagery for festivals, bands and the V&A among many others.

David Barrow

Dave is an illustrator, poster designer and general scribble-monger currently at large somewhere in the Northamptonshire area. As well as his light-hearted children’s book ‘Have you Seen an Elephant?’, David also tackles more serious everyday issues in his work.

Coralie Bickford-Smith

Coralie graduated from Reading University after studying Typography and Graphic Communication. She now works in-house at Penguin Books. Her own beautiful book covers have been recognised by the AIGA (NY) and D&AD (UK) and have featured in a numerous international magazines and newspapers including The New York Times, Vogue and The Guardian.

Rob Biddulph

Rob is an author, illustrator, designer and art director at the Observer magazine. He currently lives in London with his wife and three daughters,  his second picture book, GRRRRR! has been nominated for the CLIP Kate Greenaway medal.

Serge Bloch

Serge has been drawing everyday for a little over 30 years. A series of coincidences and opportunities led him to become an illustrator after working at a series of very different jobs, including digging trenches, painting arrows on roads and emptying out buckets of blood in operating rooms.

Max Dalton

Max Dalton is a graphic artist living in Buenos Aires, Argentina by way of Barcelona, New York and Paris. In the last twenty years he has been involved in several projects like drawing humor strips for a local magazine, creating animations for the TV, doing some editorial illustration and, most of all, working on personal artistic projects.

Peter Ackerman

The Lonely Typewriter is Peter Ackerman’s second book with Max Dalton. The first, The Lonely Phone Booth, was selected for the Smithsonian’s 2010 Notable Books for Children. Peter also co-wrote the movies Ice Age and Ice Age 3.

Jo Empson

Jo enjoys many different creative disciplines of illustrating for editorial, advertising, and design projects, but Children’s books and storytelling remain her passion. ‘Rabbityness’  is the first picture book she has both written and illustrated. It has been nominated for 8 awards including UKLA Book Awards 2013 and Kate Greenaway Medal 2013.

Nicholas John Frith

Nick grew up in the Chiltern hills, going to school just round the corner from the home of Roald Dahl. His distinctive style has blessed many illustrations for restaurants, recipe books, home-ware and greetings cards – including some designs for Wrap Magazine.

Chris Haughton

Chris has been a freelance illustrator for 12 years, since then he has also begun writing children’s books. The First of which, ‘A Bit Lost’ has been translated into 20 languages and has won awards in 7 countries including the Dutch Picture Book of the Year. While living in Nepal in 2010/2011 he co-founded Pecha Kucha Kathmandu with Sujan Chitrakar.

and Emily Rand

Emily illustrates, designs and makes books, mainly for children. “Often I like to leave the narrative in my books open to interpretation and imagination”.  She also runs and programmes workshops for children and young people in schools and galleries. Emily currently works at the Serpentine Galleries on their education programme.

Workshops are available for children and school groups during the exhibition.

With special thanks to Honor Beddoe for her creative and technical input in designing the exhibition.

Image: Coralie Bickford-Smith from: The Fox and The Star

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