Diagnosis of a Knot, a Lump, an Itch and Scratch

londonprintstudio director John Phillips strongly believes that making art can improve your health and fitness levels*. ‘Often producing artworks can incorporate much physical activity, meaning artists often benefit from workouts similar to going for a run or visiting the gym.  Printmaking in particular is a very physical artform which often incorporates exercise alongside making art.  Our next exhibition ‘diagnosis’ takes a controversial look at world health issues and explores our attitudes to the spread of disease and the connections between social class and disease throughout the world.  These themes are particularly resonant within the current threat of a bird flu pandemic’.

In new large-scale artworks made especially for londonprintstudio gallery, collaborative artists Jennifer Angus and John Hitchcock present new works which explore themes of identity, cross cultural interaction, social class and the spread of germs and disease.  The prints are beautiful and enticing, made up of intricate screenprinted layers of pattern and colour.  But on closer inspection the designs are made up of viruses and diseased cells, immobilizing the deadly nature of Avian flu, BSE, cancer and HIV/AIDS and referring to our often complacent attitude towards the spread of disease until it comes closer to home.

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