Carte Blanche


Carte Blanche: Paper manipulation as expressive form

Opening Party: Thursday 25th April 2013 from 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Exhibition runs from 26th April – 29th June 2013

Admission Free
Tuesday – Saturday 10.30am – 5.30pm

Paper and its manipulation is the focus of Carte Blanche, a unique new exhibition at LPS. This highly anticipated exhibition features designers, book artists, architects, engineers and sculptors using paper expressively to create images and objects. John Phillips, Director of LPS, comments:

“Carte Blanche is a reflection of what’s going on across boundaries in the art and design worlds. Some objects on display have structural qualities: manipulating, embossing and cutting paper provides a new way of looking at the world. Much of the work is dream-like and poetic.”

Artists featured are Sophie Arup, Lutz Becker, Alison Bernal, Rogan Brown, Clare Bryan, Coo Geller, Howard Gardener, Fiona Hepburn, Kaho Kojima, Brigitte Parusel, Rob Ryan, Callum Russell, and Carol Wyss.

Curated by John Phillips and Nadia Yahiaoui, Carte Blanche brings together the work of thirteen artists, all of whom responded to an unusual brief: ‘Manipulations that reveal and retain ‘paper’s essence’ such as, embossing, moulding and fabrication, are permitted. Manipulations that reduce paper to the role of a ‘substrate’ or carrier of other materials are excluded.’

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Image: Fiona Hepburn


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