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Print Sales

We relaunched the gallery shop before Christmas, with success, updating our stock all the time. Now we’re reorganising print sales. We have already placed a number of prints for sale in our online shop. Culture Label recently featured Edd Pearman’s …
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News From the Director – March 2013

It’s Spring at last! As we move into the new financial year, we thought that we’d tell you what we’re aiming to do with print sales; how we’re going to work with multiples and artists editions; and let you in …
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Stone Lithography 28th February & 1st March

We recently ran one of our Introduction to Stone Lithography Courses and received such positive feedback from the participants we would like to share with you what one member wrote: “I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed …
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Introduction to Photoetching 23rd February

This course will explore using photo etching as a method for transferring drawn or photographed images photographically by exposing them onto an etching plate that has been given a light sensitive coating. Participants will have the chance to create and …
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In the Print Studio – James Lindsay

We have been busy in the Print Studio with an editioning job for Photographer James Lindsay. The completed prints will be on display at the Royal Geographical Society from the 19th March 2013 of his Slate Screen Prints of Africa. …
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Introduction to Etching 12th & 13th February

Etching as a process was developed as a quicker, looser, less labour intensive alternative to engraving.  An image could be drawn through a wax ground, and the corrosive action of acid used to etch the lines into the metal plates. …
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New Graduate Award Update – Lorna Scobie

New Graduate Award – The story so far!! I am interested in exploring how printmaking can be used to give the appearance of textures. I’ve taken ‘dinosaurs’ as my theme and starting point for the project, scales, spines and feathers …
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Intermediate Screenprinting 9th & 10th February

Using knowledge from the introductory course participants have had the opportunity to consider printing in a more complex and professional manner.  Layered imagery, registration, composition, combining different techniques (photographic/autographic stencils) and layering of colour of different opacities have been introduced. …
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Introduction to Screenprinting 31st Jan & 1st Feb 2013

This course explores the different techniques for developing screen print initially using paper and hand painted stencils and then moving onto photographic stencils and combinations of the two. These participants have created 3 layer prints , combining both photographic and …
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In the Print Studio – Alex Wilk

Studio Member Alex Wilk has been busy in the Print Studio working on this beautiful screenprint which was exhibited as part of the Florence Trust Winter Open exhibition.