Vincent McEvoy

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  • TheMan

Vincent McEvoy studied at Liverpool Art College. He first came to prominence with his award winning work at Polydor records for such artists as The Who and Eric Clapton. He went on to Ogilvy & Mather in London, and later Madrid, where he produced campaigns for Guinness, Polaroid, American Express and Ford, American Express and Ford. Vincent has Design & Art Direction awards as well as work exhibited as part of  ‘Rewind -40 years of the best UK Advertising & Design’ at the V&A Museum.

“Working with Andy Warhol in the 1980’s gave me the impetus to make silk screens. Struck by the resonance of another era I re-discovered vinyl singles, and started re-creating the typography exactly as the originals I remember handing over pocket money on Saturdays to buy a single from NEMS in Liverpool, it was like winning an Oscar so different from today’s downloads. Typefonts were set from metal, or wood then. I search out the nearest digital fonts and then redraw them to emulate them. There is a lot of fun in creating silkscreens with colours so vibrant. The hit and miss moments doing it all by hand can be magic (or totally frustrating), compared with working with graphics digitally.”


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