Tarlan Rafiee

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Tarlan Rafiee was born in Tehran, Iran, 1980.  She started printmaking in 2004 and since then has worked as a visual artist/printmaker, participated in more than 30 group shows and held 4 solo exhibitions in Iran and abroad.  She now works as a tutor in printmaking in her own studio and other art institutes.

Explaining her series of gold leafed, digital prints or “treasures”:

“Puberty has a dual meaning in Iranian tradition, on one hand there is a precious treasure which has to be claimed by only one man who is the first and the last one in a woman’s life.  On the other hand it is something prohibited by traditions and taboos which mean that it can not even talked about.  Due to the evolution of society these meanings are changing so fast, now puberty and sex mean something different especially in younger generations, it is precious, a personal treasure, something belongs to her and hers to decide about.”

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