Matthew Pagett

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Matthew Pagett graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2012 and has been the recipient of our 2012 New Graduate Award.
Matthew has been developing  new techniques and processes in the studio, evaluating new ideas through printmaking.  The results are intriguing and beautiful.

Matthew has described his time at the studio as
‘a very productive few months, focused on fattening up my previously thin knowledge of etching.  Working in a new medium has had its moments of pleasure and disappointment. The etched image is taken through so many stages that you have to really commit to it. It works negatively – what you scrape away will be seen again. And for such apparently heavy and hazardous equipment, the results can be light as anything. All these qualities chime with the work I’ve been making.’

Sub Rosa 4 (Pressed Flowers)
‘These digital prints form part of a larger body of work concerned with the shapeshifting, ghost-like world of flowers.  I combined the use of digital and traditional techniques in creating these prints.  I made a series of delicate pen drawings of roses, using as a source various digital images that  came from a Google image search (keywords: red rose white background). The drawings were then scanned piecemeal into Photoshop using a regular A4 scanner. One single colour value (pure white: RGB 255, 255, 255) was then isolated from the rest and pasted onto a near-black background.  The analogue method of printmaking (i.e. building up layers of varying shades of ink to create an image) is therefore translated to the digital and arrested, exposing the process. What remains hopefully is an emphasis on the secrecy, decay and lost meanings that already lie at the heart of every flower.’

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