Marianne Keating

  • Tell Me- Digital Print -I Forgive_50x 40 cm_2013sm
  • Tell Me (London) 2013-Digital Projection_Site Specific
  • Tell Me- Digital Print - Cheating_50x 40 cm_2013sm
  • Tell Me- Digital Print -Loved me more_50x 40 cm_2013sm
  • Tell Me- Digital Print - My Son _50x 40 cm_2013sm

Marianne Keating is a London based artist and printmaker who graduated with an MA from the Royal College of Art, in 2013.

Marianne’s work explores different aspects of society’s private emotions. Through the use of language and social engagement she focuses on parts of everyday life that are not often discussed. The physical engagement of the public who are an integral part of her practice decide to secretly divulge their inner thoughts which are then projected back in a public sphere. This allows an anonymous tension to be reached through the juxtaposition of the private and the public. Her practice is heavily weighted in text and her installations incorporate animated digital projections onto architectural facades and internal experiential environments. These are created through multiple projectors, monitor based moving image, photographic documentation, publications and large scale screenprinted wallpapers.

This interaction opens a dialogue between the participant and the viewer by taking these nameless voices and projecting them back into the environment. By giving these concerns a voice it can empower both the viewer and the participant by enabling a freedom that is unattainable in everyday situations. This connects with the public by investigating intimate thoughts and restoring ownership to the viewer by unmasking these private considerations in an open and public way. Marianne’s work focuses on drawing attention to these issues by allowing the opportunity to contemplate our stance in society, which also question our views on the world around us and offers us reassurance in our connection to others and the vulnerability we all possess.

The project entitled Tell Me, began by placing a series of postcards with six different questions in various locations around London in doctors surgeries, dentists, cafes, pubs, libraries, etc. and the public were invited to respond anonymously to these postcards. Below are the six questions asked and some of the responses.

Prints from the project are also available to view and purchase online, here.

Tell Me

What have you confided to a friend that you haven’t confided to your lover?
“My son isn’t my partners”

What is your greatest regret?
“Trying to be something I’m not. Straight”

If you had to say one thing to a person today that you haven’t already said, what would it be?
Wish you loved me more”

What do you do that causes you to dislike yourself?
“Take drugs and lie”

What is the worst thing you have ever done to a friend?
“Nothing as bad as what I have done to myself.”

What issues are affecting you that you ignore?

The project Tell Me will be on display in the londonprintstudio gallery until the end of March. To view Marianne’s digital work and projections created during the project, please view here.

Image: Marianne Keating, Tell Me, digital print


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