Kath Van Uytrecht

Featured Artist

My prints primarily focus on snapshots of the everyday, where the boundary between the sacred and the ordinary is blurred. It is in this haze that we can begin to uncover beauty in the normal day to day life and find gratitude, appreciation and delight in the small things.

Objects, people and places taken from memory are recreated into light-hearted and whimsical scenes. By creating playful imagery, I hope to share my enjoyment of the world around me. Alongside the humour, these quirky juxtapositions reflect an exploration of
identity- who we are and how we are all connected. We are all mirrored by our environments and experiences and through each other.

Troop Creation Chant is a whimsical exploration of this idea. In Hinduism the sound Aum is said to be the first sound, from which the entire universe has arisen. It is considered to be the sound that holds all atoms together and from which everything exists. A troop of vervet monkeys have become symbolic of my roots, family and friends and also of human dynamics and relations. Together they sing Aum. We are all connected, and can create and shape our own existence and environment, through our connections and behaviours with each other.

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