Jacqueline Pruskin

  • Chair
  • mom ill A2
  • Teddy A4 on A3
  • xan in basket, signed A4 small

Our next Featured Artist is Jacqueline Pruskin who is a West London based artist. We will be showcasing a series of Jacqueline’s digital prints in the gallery, during London Design Festival 2014.

Opening Party: Saturday 13th September 2014, 6.30 – 8.30pm
Exhibition runs: Sunday 14th September until Saturday 11th October 2014

Jacqueline Pruskin studied graphic design and painting at Chelsea School of Art, Kensington & Chelsea College and The Princes Drawing School where her main tutor was Daniel Chatto. In February 2011 she began to draw digitally on a new ipad using the app, Brushes II.
Artist Statement: ‘Portraits of Comfort’
In 2010 when the first Ipad was launched, and with it the digital drawing app ‘Brushes II’, David Hockney experimented with both and the prints he produced announced a new platform for printmaking.

What I do can’t be done in any other medium.  I like to be able to capture what I see around me, and I want to draw my subject to fix my memory of it. To be able to return to the marks I make in the first rendering and rework them cleanly is seductive. I can only do this by drawing on the ipad. I love its portability, the immediate action/reaction when making marks, the subtlety in tonal colour mixing when using Brushes, and the bold colour when printing.

I often work intuitively seeking a direct arrow of ‘knowingness’ to the one I’m drawing. You can sense there is palpable life breathing in the drawn form of Mom Ill. She can be the Mom of moms everywhere.

In interior scenes, with hints of narrative, I try to draw out an ‘essence of yearning’; as if the objects are alive.  Yet they are still, and in their stillness they beg me to look longer and deeper. I spend more time attending to details, which creates a hyper-real quality.

And although I draw empty chairs, their people are never far away – the chair, non judgmental and welcoming awaits their return. Furnishings contain sensual and emotional echoes of the people that inhabit them. What interests me is how despite a fast paced, troubling, often dark world, there are these small, intimate ‘pools’ of comfort, stillness and beauty to be found.
Drawing on the ipad is for me a pleasure; transforming these drawing into prints is a challenge. Finding londonprintstudio has been a blessing. John and Constantina have been positive, encouraging and patient, and this group of prints is the outcome and first collection.

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